THIS DAY IN SCIENCE: First Barbed Wire Patent in 1874

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Science Facility Safety

Science Facility Safety was written to provide school board health and safety staff and educators with leadership responsibilities in science with practical background information on the safe use and management of science facilities. This resource is the companion...

Safety Q and A: Syringes and Safety

I teach a hydraulics and pneumatics workshop to Grade 8 students for Scientists in School. I am amazed at how few schools have a syringe safety policy in force. With the two or three schools IÕve been in that have a policy (sorry, I canÕt remember the schools),...

Safety Q and A: Transporting Chemicals

Are there any protocols or guidelines on transporting chemicals within a school down a corridor, or up and down stairs. If so could you please let me know what they are or what resources to look...

Safety Q and A: Two Exits on a Lab

We have a new lab that will be shared by physics and chemistry (Grades 11 & 12). The lab has two doors. The front door is used for access and the rear door is permanently locked and the key is held by the administration. We have requested that the rear door be...
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