THIS DAY IN SCIENCE: The first helicopter in 1877

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This Week in Science.  Oct 27, 2014

This Week in Science. Oct 27, 2014

This weekly feature of STAOblog brings you a sampling of the latest science news sorted by curriculum strand. Use these items to enrich your class discussions and engage your students. Share your favourite Science News “gems”  by emailing them to
Comeback Can

Comeback Can

Contributed by: Cory Telfer …an activity that’ll keep coming back to you Big Idea:  Structures and mechanisms throughout our environment have forces that act on and within them Grade 5: Matter and Energy Inquiry Skills Used This is a technological...
The Spinning Dish

The Spinning Dish

In this demo, two polyethylene strips are charged on one end by rubbing with wool. One charged strip is then mounted on an evaporating dish and the other charged strip is used to make the dish spin. As both strips become negatively charged when rubbed with wool they...
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