How To Get Into Inquiry-Based Learning: Part 2 – Working Towards Open Inquiry

Incorporate Inquiry-Based Learning into your Classroom. Start with this short four part video series. (Version française:

PART 1 – First Steps to Inquiry (

Prepare yourself to create an Inquiry – Based activity for your classroom.

PART 2 – Working Towards Open Inquiry ( Investigate a scaffolded approach to Inquiry – Based learning: Basic Concepts – Structured Inquiry – Guided Inquiry – Open Inquiry.

PART 3 – 5 Skills to Become an Inquiry Teacher( Identify which of your teacher skills you exercise as you lead Inquiry-Based lessons in your classroom: Be Flexible – Guiding Open Ended Questions – Setting Up Proper Expectations – Going Beyond “I don’t know” – Designing Great Activities.

PART 4 – 4 Student Inquiry Skills to Nurture and Assess (

Explore methods of assessing student’s inquiry skills: Initiating and Planning – Performing and Recording – Analyzing and Interpreting -Communicating. LESSON PLAN for the inquiry-based activities featured in this video series:…

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