Privacy Policy

STAO/APSO respects the privacy of its members. To ensure that we protect your privacy, STAO/APSO has adopted a Privacy Policy which directs the way we collect and use personal information provided by its members. This Privacy Policy incorporates the ten principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, PIPEDA, including : Accountability, Identifying Purposes, Consent, Limiting Collection, Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention, Accuracy, Safeguards, Openness, Individual Access, and Challenging Compliance.

“Personal information” includes information that identifies you as an individual but does not include that which is available in a business directory or telephone book.

As a member of STAO/APSO, you have expectations that the information collected and stored in our databases will be protected and used only as you have allowed. As a collector of personal information,

STAO/APSO respects the wishes of its members regarding the use, storage and dissemination of personal information.

STAO/APSO will not use your personal information for any uses other than for those for which it was collected.

STAO/APSO will not retain personal information for those who cease to be members of the association for a period longer than two years. STAO/APSO will honour any request by a member to review his or her data currently held in the database and will correct any errors.

STAO/APSO will appoint a Privacy Officer who will ensure that the provisions of the PIPEDA are honoured.

STAO/APSO will establish policies that direct the way that personal information is collected, stored and used.

STAO/APSO’s Privacy Officer will respond to queries about the Privacy Policy and our Database Management Procedures.

If you have questions or concerns about STAO’s compliance with privacy issues, please address your correspondence to Terry Kingsmill, STAO Privacy Officer