Brent is presently a curriculum leader for math, science and business in the Lambton Kent District School Board and is part STAO Safety Committee, volunteer for STAO Conference 2023 event. Brent has an MSc in Biology, has taught chemistry and biology with over 20 years of classroom experience. Most recently he has been working in a specialized special education school, he has been part of a team working on building a seed bank for First Nations culturally important plants in their school, runs the school apiary and farm, and has received numerous environmental awards. Additionally, he has been a safety leader within his board, has develop admin procedures for safety, and leads safety training to new teachers within his board.

Kris is a retired high school science teacher, member of STAO Safety Committee, volunteer for STAO Conference 2023 event, former project manager for STAO Science Facility Safety, and reviewer of Safe ON
Science and Safer Use of Chemicals. As a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA), since 2005, she consults with school boards about their science facilities as well as presentations to teachers on the Ontario science curriculum. Further information for Kris Lee can be found at

Christian Cepeda is an experienced educator, teaching at the DPCDSB and Science Department Head with a fervent passion for education, technology, experiential learning, and equity. His extensive background includes serving as a curriculum writer for the Ontario Ministry of Education, a reviewer and consultant for a science education publisher, and a reviewer for Safe On Science (SOS) published through STAO. With his expertise and dedication, Christian strives to create inclusive and engaging learning environments, empowering students to excel in science and beyond.

David Gervais graduated in 1979 – BSc and BEd Science (Biology,Chemistry). Between 1986-1995 he completed university course work in computer science, environmental chemistry, and took courses in fungi identification. Though retired in 2010, during his career, he taught mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics and biology from between 1980 – 2010. He has remained current in terms of chemical
storage requirements as well as health and safety in the classroom through completion of the Occupational Health and Safety Program,Seneca College 2017-2019, serving as STAO Safety Committee Chair 2013-2021, and participation as an active member of the STAO Safety Committee to the present.