STAO Board and Volunteer Opportunities 

STAO is a 132-year-old organization, run by volunteers, which supports elementary and secondary science teaching in Ontario and is dedicated to the advancement of science education in the province.

The Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO) seeks both non-educator and educator Board members to replace members whose terms expire.  The 11-member Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the organization.  Its responsibilities include setting STAO’s strategic plan and overseeing its implementation, ensuring the financial viability of the organization, and establishing relationships with the provincial government and partner organizations.  It works closely with the Executive Director and the Management Team.

Leadership opportunities also exist to join the Management Team, or be part of the team under a Management Team Lead.  The primary role of the Management team is to assist the Executive Director in overseeing the achievement of STAO/APSO strategic priorities.  This means that members of the Management team assist the ED in areas such as conference planning, major project management, grant management, volunteer recruitment and retention, school board relations, resource development, and professional learning, among other areas of emerging priority to advance the Association. 

Our volunteers come from all professions, not just from the education sector.  No matter your interest, volunteering with STAO builds and fosters belonging, inclusion and builds your knowledge and network.

Volunteering with STAO allows you to:

  • Share your skills
  • Gain new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Personal growth
  • Feeling part of a team making a positive contribution

Make the commitment, let us help you find the right fit based on the number of hours per month you can commit to, and join our team at STAO!  Most meetings are via video.

For more information, contact our Executive Director, Terry Kingsmill, at: 1-855-476-7826 or