THIS DAY IN SCIENCE: Largest sunspot ever recorded in 1947

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Safety Q & A: Methylene Blue


What level of exposure to methylene blue is harmful to students/teachers with G6PD deficiency? I’ve used this substance as a biological stain for more than twenty five years, but it wasn’t until this September, when a colleague had a student with this... read more

Safety Q and A: Bunsen Burners Clamping


Bunsen burners are used extensively as a heat source in school laboratories. The Fire Code (Section states that: ‘Devices having open flames shall be securely supported by incombustible holders and located or protected so as to prevent accidental... read more

Safety Q and A: Circuit Boards


One of our science teachers visited the STAO Conference in the fall and brought back an exercise on extracting a circuit from a disposable camera. He is keen for all of the grade 9 science students to complete the lab. However, several of the science teachers have... read more

Safety Q and A: Eye Wash Stations


During an Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E) Audit the following was raised by the auditor: ‘The permanently installed eyewash stations are connected to the cold water lines. The water dispensed by these devices should be lukewarm to ensure... read more
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