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Introduction to Structures: Scavenger Hunt


Written by Kaliyah Malcolm, Don Galbraith Award Recipient 2023, Ontario Tech University. Students demonstrate an understanding that objects, including structures, have observable characteristics and are made from materials with specific properties that determine how... read more

The Drip of the Iceberg


Written by Victor Arhin, Don Galbraith Award Recipient 2023, Tyndale University. Students will consider the impact of melting glaciers on available freshwater. To access this content, you must purchase School Membership (Small), Regular One Year Membership, Regular... read more

Forms of Energy


Written by Vanessa Salvaggio, Don Galbraith Award Recipient 2023, Tyndale University. Students will research, and become experts on 9 different forms of energy and some examples. Students will also utilize the engineering design process to create, identify, and... read more

Safety in Elementary Science and Technology


This resource is written for elementary school teachers and administrators to provide guidance for the safe delivery of hands-on science and technology programs to students. The resource focuses closely on the elementary science and technology curriculum (The Ontario... read more