THIS DAY IN SCIENCE: 1st Animal To Human Heart Transplant in 1964

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Safety Mindedness Teacher Training Resources

STAO’s safety training resources provide practical safety training while promoting a culture of safety mindedness in schools. These resources are available in both online and ‘face to face’ formats to accommodate your teacher training needs. 8...


The students will re-enact the water cycle and the changes of state both inside and outside the classroom. They will view video, conduct hands-on experiments, and use direct observations from different locations inside and outside the...


The STAO Science Encounters Project includes a series of inquiry-based STEM activities to support teachers and students with resources to create engaging classroom experiences that cultivate 21st century skills. Activities for the project include Indigenous ways of...

Do Animals Belong in the Zoo?

This inquiry resource package on animals for ELKP is designed to assist teachers in planning an inquiry-based learning opportunity. The outline is infused with learning objects that your own class has presented in their discovery learning around the topic of animals,...
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