In this inquiry-based exploration, students will learn about stability through hands-on activities, media content, case study and a final project. The overall purpose is to have students gain a deeper understanding on what makes a structure (natural or human-designed) stable from its foundation to the materials that are used. In the final investigation, students will research at least one natural disaster and design a structure that should be able to withstand it. Please note that this project encompasses more of the overall expectations and big themes associated with this strand of the Grade7 Science & Technology curriculum, it is not meant as a replacement to other types of hands-on activities and lessons that the teacher may choose to use in their classroom. Elementary teachers often have more than just Science on their timetables, so teachers are encouraged to find ways to incorporate aspects of this strand into other curriculum areas. As well, this is a great exploration for the students and a good foundation of the Science concepts for the teacher with perhaps not a specialist background in the subject itself.

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