During this inquiry-based unit, students will learn that the pure substances and mixtures that we use, both as individuals and as industries, have discoverable properties that are explained using the Particle Theory. There are methods we use to mix and separate them. Most importantly, there are social, medical, economic and environmental effects when we eventually dispose of these chemicals. Together we will explore these properties and methods using media, classroom demonstrations, and student run experiments. Citing the model of uranium, we will investigate this pure substance’s properties, history of use, environmental and medical effects, and methods we currently dispose of it. Based on this knowledge, we will propose, defend, and explain alternative methods of disposal that may improve our world. Students will also explore the effects of crude oil spills in our oceans as an example of the release of an industrial mixture into our environment. Using these foundational skills, students will then focus on a pure substance or mixture that is meaningful to them as a group. Following the model process, they will inform their peers of their personal investigation, solutions, and conclusion.

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