This is a cross-curricular project between Science and Geography that allows students the opportunity to explore, research, and ‘experience’ sustainability with a focus on water in their local and global community. It is suggested that this project be assigned in the latter part of the school year. Since the environment is a central focus in both the Science and Geography curriculums, it will build on the students’ prior knowledge. In this project, students are encouraged to bring awareness and/or take action on an environmental water issue. In doing so, the students gain a deeper understanding about the issue, about themselves, and about their responsibility to be stewards of the environment. Students will choose a topic of their choice, conduct specific research/learning for that topic, and then create a poster board and interactive activity/activities in order for others to essentially ‘experience sustainability’. The purpose behind this project is to help people learn about environmental issues using a hands-on approach and actions that they can take to minimize their environmental footprint. A suggestion for the culminating activity is to organize an Eco-Fair for the students to display and present their projects to the rest of the school and/or the community. Please note that this project does not need to be cross-curricular between Science and Geography. It can absolutely be a stand-alone for each subject. Other curricular areas could be integrated such as Visual Arts, Literacy or Mathematics.

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