Paper “clickers” are a simple and cost effective way to boost students’ conceptual understanding and improve their metacognitive skills. All you need is a computer, data projector and paper multiple choice answer cards (clickers) for each student, and you can get started! The basic technique is: present students with a multiple choice question on a screen in the classroom, students hold up multiple choice response cards with their answers, and, depending on the type of question, students engage in small group discussions with a final response using their answer cards. This strategy has proven very effective at improving conceptual understanding in science across a wide range of disciplines and grade levels[i]. In addition, you can use the paper clickers to get feedback from students on their learning process and group work dynamics. These questions help students become more self-reflective and better aware of their learning needs and goals. The paper clicker strategy provides teachers with many opportunities for assessment for and as learning in a quick and easy way, and might well become an integral learning strategy for your course!

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