In the Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems unit in grade 10, there are many exciting issues that are often in the news. There is much exciting new research, such as primate cloning or gene editing tools. The question often remains: does the end justify the means? CRISPR gene editing tool can clip out problematic genes. Exciting, but can this tool be misused? Dissection in high school: is it worth it? Should grade 10 students do it or should we wait until later? Teaching students to develop their own opinions through independent research and stimulating conversations is very worthwhile. Students need to look at different perspectives in a democracy and come up with their own decisions on the issues, based on solid facts. These skills are important in many subjects and in life in general. This is a time where they can develop their own reasoned and well researched opinions to become a scientifically literate citizen of the future.

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