This resource has been developed by the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario / L’association des professeurs de sciences de l’Ontario with funding and technical support from Maple Leaf Foods.

There are three parts to this resource:

Grade 11 Biology (SBI3C): A Response to a Crisis

Written by Sarah Gray & David Gervais

This resource looks at how the food industry reacts to potential microorganism contamination. The Three Part Lesson plan is used as the organizing template for all activities included. Rubrics for individual and group work are also provided.

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Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U): Food Safety Supplemental Resources

Written by Suzanne Abu-Nadar & Kristina Tomljenovic

Resources have been created to enhance the unit on Chemical Reactions for the SCH3U course. The resources in this package are meant to be used as supplemental activities that effectively tie in food safety to the Application expectations of the Curriculum document. As teachers, you may choose to use all five activities that have been included or perhaps pick and choose the activities you feel are more useful to your course and ones which will fit in better with a tight timeline. The activities included are:

  • How/Why Do We Get Sick? Focuses on the role of toxins in our body
  • What’s in Your Food? Focuses on labels and understanding why certain ingredients are added to pre-packaged foods
  • Chemistry in Your Food – Focuses on reactions involved in food spoilage
  • Food Science Careers – Allows students to choose and research a food science career that is tied into chemistry
  • Soup Cube Experiment -Focuses on the importance of heat-treating processed foods to avoid food spoilage
  • Biofilms and Food Spoilage – A web search to understand biofilms in food processing and treatments, and a task where students apply information into a creative project as a research consultant

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Grade 12 University/College Science (SNC4M): Food Safety Summative Research Project

Written by Bogna Haddad & Sarah Vurma

The enclosed Food Safety Resource was developed collaboratively between the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario and Maple Leaf Foods. It is intended to be used as a summative project for the SNC4M Grade 12 Science University/College Preparation course or as supporting documents to be used throughout the duration of the course. The summative research project can be used in conjunction with the student activities: students can hand in all or a portion of the completed activities as part of their portfolio towards completion for the summative assignment. The activities include both stand-alone material and pieces that join strands together. Each section includes:

  • An overview of the topic. This can be used by the teacher or by students to gain some background on the topic.
  • Specific expectations coded for the teacher.
  • Suggested changes to assignment allowing for the teacher to take into consideration differentiated instruction and multiple intelligences as well as making modifications and accommodations for individual student needs or general class needs.
  • Assessment pieces to be completed by students. These are intended as guides and activities to support the evaluation pieces to be completed later.
  • Evaluation piece to be completed by students and evaluated by the teacher.

We hope this resource will be useful to you and your students!

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