THIS DAY IN SCIENCE: National Engineering Month in 1896

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The students will be given images of different locations that show before human impact on the natural environment, and how nature affects a similar location (e.g. flood).

They will begin using the ladder of inference to create some questions about habitats they will explore. The students will be asked to identify which one they are interested in inquiring about. These question will lead to their inquiry.

Later they will develop a group of questions using the Ladder of Inference based on a particular stance they are given ( no change is best for the environment, human modification is most important, natural influences should be seen as part of the natural cycle and not intervene with, natural influences should be seen as damaging natural cycle and should be stopped or modified whenever possible).

Based on the outcome of the research of all the students in the class they will be asked to develop an additional inquiry question that will lead them to identify a problem that they can design or develop a solution for.

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