Teaching Controversial Topics Issues in Science Education – STAO Position Paper

An important goal of science education in Ontario is to ensure our students are sufficiently scientifically literate to thrive in our rapidly-changing science-based world.  A scientifically literate citizen has the knowledge, skills and habits of mind required to think critically and make informed decisions and opinions.  As stated by The Critical Thinking Consortium, “Teachers and 21st century curricula recognize critical thinking as one of the most important educational goals” (2015). Furthermore, the scientifically literate student has the skills required to critically assess all perspectives of controversial issues that may arise during classroom discussions.

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This topic was presented at the Nov 2017 STAO conference.  The session was conducted on Saturday, Nov 10 at 9:00 am.  The handouts from the session are available to STAO members at Saturday Conference Handouts.