World Science Day for Peace and Development – submitted by Amy Gorecki

November 10, 2019 is World Science Day for Peace and Development, and November 9 – 14, 2019 is the International Week of Science and Peace. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to show students how everything we do is linked and how we all have in impact on the world around us. Examining the links between what takes place in a science laboratory and how this impacts the world around is critical when we consider global citizenship. According to the United Nations:

“The rationale of celebrating a World Science Day for Peace and Development has its roots in the importance of the role of science and scientists for sustainable societies and in the need to inform and involve citizens in science. In this sense, a World Science Day for Peace and Development would offer an opportunity to show the general public the relevance of science in their lives and to engage them in discussions. Such a venture would also bring a unique perspective to the global search for peace and development.” (

In 2019, UNESCO’s theme for World Science Day for Peace and Development is Open Science. Why not dive into this topic with your students and hear some of their thoughts on this incredibly important issue? There are many different curriculum links you could draw based on your students’ grade levels, subject areas, and interests. UNESCO’s summary of the theme is as follows:

“Celebrated every 10 November, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the important role of science in society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives.

By linking science more closely with society, World Science Day for Peace and Development aims to ensure that citizens are kept informed of developments in science. It also underscores the role scientists play in broadening our understanding of the remarkable, fragile planet we call home and in making our societies more sustainable.

In 2019, the Day will be devoted to the theme of Open Science – a burning issue in the scientific community,  which is gaining increasing attention by the non‐scientific community as well. Let us embrace open science as a tool for making science more accessible, scientific process more inclusive and the outputs of science more readily available for all!

Join the conversation with the hashtags #ScienceDay and #OpenScience.” (

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