Women In STEM – Ingenium Canada

Women In STEM – Ingenium Canada

Submitted by Samantha Hendricks, Co-Chair of the STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee


Attention Educators! Do you want to encourage your students to learn more about the accomplishments of women worldwide, in particular “Women In STEM” through an inclusive lens? Ingenium Canada (for more information: https://ingeniumcanada.org) can help because they are committed to honouring people and communities who have shaped our history while also empowering women and girls in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Curriculum Resources

Educators can explore Ingenium Canada’s “Women in STEM” posters online. The “Women in STEM” poster series can be downloaded or shared with your students. Inspire your students to connect with Science and Technology in numerous ways!

Here are a few of the amazing profiles which recognize the diverse talents of women within the African and Black Diaspora:

Check out all of Ingenium Canada’s “Women In STEM” posters here: https://womeninstem.ingeniumcanada.org/posters/


Featured Photo by James Wiseman on Unsplash