Whiteboard.fi In the Classroom – submitted by Ronilea Burdeos

photo of Ronilea Burdeos

Ronilea Burdeos is a Teacher Candidate from Ontario Tech University (she is Biology teacher Leila Knetsch’s student teacher). She is passionate about integrating technology, and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) strategies into the classroom.

Whiteboard.fi is a quick-access, virtual whiteboard platform in a controlled environment. Registration for Whiteboard.fi is not required for the teacher or the students, and joining is as quick as sending a classroom URL. If you regularly write on a whiteboard to prompt student responses, Whiteboard.fi can be a great addition to your virtual classroom. A great feature of Whiteboard.fi connects each student to the classroom, but they work on their own whiteboard in real-time. Each student’s whiteboard is visible to the teacher. You can push a snapshot of your current whiteboard to the students for them to modify, and you can provide direct feedback on their work.

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Whiteboard.fi in the Classroom (Burdeos)

Thanks for sharing your expertise Ronilea!!!!