Weizmann Physics safe cracking competition – submitted by Amy Gorecki

Each year, Weizmann hosts the greatest safe-cracking competition known to high schoolers – The Annual International Physics Tournament. Juniors and seniors in high schools form teams and take on the challenge: Build a safe that only your team can open, and then try to open the safes of all the other teams.  Check out this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4uXgGW4bx4&t=3s

This national physics tournament that we have available to Canadian junior high and high schools.

The opportunity is for teams of students from schools across Canada to compete nationally in February 2022, with two winning teams that would compete internationally at the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science (whether virtually or in-person depending on the pandemic situation). Schools typically encourage their students to participate early in the school year, to get a competitive edge.

Weizmann Canada has been promoting science literacy and educational programs since 1964. Most recently, the Weizmann Institute ranked #2 globally in the Nature Index for top academic institutions, ranking among the likes of Princeton, Harvard and MIT.

Learn more on our website (including a short video about the international competition).