Underrepresentation Curriculum – Explore Equity & Inclusion in STEM

Co-learn with us: A curriculum to explore equity and inclusion in STEM

Join us to learn more on how equity, inclusion, and injustice relate to science through a guided exploration of the Underrepresentation Curriculum (URC) this August. The URC is a flexible curriculum in which participants use the tools of science to examine science itself using the lenses of equity and inclusion. It’s best suited for use with middle school students and above.

Over four 1.5 hour days, from August 15 to 18, we will dip into URC lessons and then consider how their ideas are relevant to your teaching practice, including the grade 9 de-streamed science course, SNC1W. 

If you would like to participate in this inquiry, please fill out the Google form.   For questions, please email Stella Kim at: stella.kim@stao.ca.

Inquiry question: 
If we explore and deepen our understanding of equity, inclusion, and injustice in science, then there will be greater engagement and achievement in de-streamed science, especially among historically underrepresented groups, because we will recognize that by nature, science is a human endeavour, influenced by the intellect and bias of those who study it.