STAO 2023 – Together Again!

Humber College, August 15-17

Theme Immersive Experiences in Science

Strands – The Conference Strands have been chosen based on feedback from teachers on the needs of science educators in light of the new Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum. The Conference team will choose session proposals based on their alignment to the Strands.

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Coding
  • Engineering Design Process
  • CRRP and Equity in Science
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Land-Based Learnings
  • De-streaming
  • Curiosity and Wonder
  • Wellness

Emerging Technologies

Sessions will introduce educators to novel apps and technology that can be integrated into teaching, discussions about the ethics and impacts of new technology, and consider the potential careers in STEM and the Skilled Trades that learners may pursue.  


Sessions will offer support for educators to explore hands-on ways to demonstrate and better understand scientific and technological concepts through coding.

Engineering Design Process

Sessions will allow educators to get a sense of the pace, circular nature, and importance of the engineering design process for learners. Sessions will be offered to support learning in a variety of strands and contexts.  

CRRP and Equity in Science

Sessions will demonstrate strategies for making science engaging in the diverse classroom so learners see themselves in the curriculum and are able to participate and share their own lived experiences.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Sessions will demonstrate how connections can be made between traditional Indigenous Knowledge systems and Western Science through a Two-Eyed Seeing approach that highlights Indigenous contributions to science. 

Land Based Learnings

Session will provide opportunities to explore how nature and natural resources can engage learners (session may be able to be held outdoors on site)


Sessions will demonstrate how to create multiple entry points through tiered and/or diverse instructional activities that allows a diverse class to engage in curriculum equitably. Sessions that offer strategies and techniques to address the new grade 9 SNC1W curriculum.

Curiosity and Wonder 

Sessions will demonstrate how to nurture and support curiosity and wonder in order for all learners to enjoy science and technology. Students come to school with a natural curiosity about the way in which the world works, and as they learn about natural phenomena, science and technology concepts, and discoveries and innovations made by diverse individuals, they can be amazed and inspired.


Sessions will address mental health and wellness for educators and learners.   This includes areas of the curriculum that may increase anxiety in learners and how to address them in a sensitive and holistic way.  Topics may include food and nutrition, ecoanxiety related to climate change, etc.

Session Format

Pre-conference Workshop – NEW for 2023 –  These are 2.5 hour hands-on sessions that will take place on Tuesday, August 15 and will provide opportunities for educators to delve into specific topics.  

Conference Workshop:  these are one hour session that provides participants with the opportunity to explore a specific topic.  A focus on experiential learning will be an important aspect of these sessions.

STAO Playground: an interactive station within the STAO Playground designed to provide participants with an immersive experience or exploration and could provide participants the opportunity to use a digital tool or to perform a STEAM activity.

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