Test Your Awareness – Whodunit?

Test Your Awareness – Whodunit?

Submitted by Michael Frankfort, Co-Chair of STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee

dothetest‘ YouTube page has a bunch of ‘test your awareness’ videos. This one is based around a murder mystery investigation (a little bit like the game of Clue). The observers (you the audience/teachers/students) are to pay close attention to what is going on to see if you are able to help the detective discover ‘Who Killed Lord Smithe’? This video, and similar media texts, could be used when discussing Scientific Observations in your classroom, Science Literacy, Science Inquiry and Science Safety.

To view the video, please select the image below.

This is a good video to use with older students, upper Junior Level, Intermediate and Senior Levels as the topic is of a murder mystery. Please be mindful to the learners in your classroom and make sure that this video is appropriate based on your own professional judgement.