Steve Spangler videos of demonstrations

Steve Spangler videos for demonstrations or experiments – submittted by Leila Knetsch

Looking for a video to show the students at home? Are you looking for ideas for your classroom? Steve Spangler has 1 min demonstration videos (You Tube videos listed under Sick Science!)  and longer videos (search for Stevel Spangler) with complete and easy to follow instructions which can be done in class and many of them can be done at home.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Solutions chemistry (Chemistry 11 U) – Floating egg 
  2. Liquid layers – salt water density  or Seven Layer Density Column (Chemistry 11U – Solutions or Grade 9 Chemistry (density)
  3. Film canister explosion (Chemistry 11U – Gases; Grade 9 or 10 Chemistry – Strand A Science investigative skills).
  4. Carbon dioxide extinguisher – subtle but interesting! (Chemistry 10 or 11 – Types of reactions – double displacement reaction that produces a gas).
  5. Disappearing ink video (hilarious! Steve Spangler sprays the assistant with a carbon dioxide extinguisher to make the reaction happen quickly) – here is the experiment description for you to try.