Sighting of Northern Saw-whet Owl

Northern Saw-whet owl

Students with owl

Imagine our excitement when a Northern Saw-whet owl was discovered near our school property! When my Environmental Science class examined the beautiful creature closely, we saw that it had been banded as part of a U.S. Government program. We reported it, using the number indicated on its leg band, and are anxiously awaiting the information regarding where its journey began. How exciting to be a part of an international investigation on behalf of the Saw-whet owl! It is very rewarding for the students to be able to see, touch, and experience an animal compared to learning about it from a book.

Jocelyn Paas
Secondary Curriculum Committee Chair, STAO 2012-14
Vice President, STAO Executive 2014
Science Teachers’Association of Ontario/L’Association des professeurs de science de l’Ontario