SciNews Dec 29

Organ transplants, skeletons, comets, infections, Christmas from space,  and so much more.  This eclectic mixture of recent SciNews stories is brought to you by STAOBlog.  SciNews is published every Monday and Thursday. Stay tuned for more

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A nervy strategy for transplants. Science News for Students

What has three eyes, breathes through gills, and may help scientists spot new ways to improve organ transplants? An unusual tadpole living in a lab near Boston, Mass. Read more…


With the Advent of Agriculture, Human Bones Dramatically Weakened. Discover.

Early human ancestors spent eons testing their skeletons while jogging through untamed landscapes hunting and gathering food to survive. Life is significantly easier today, and evidence of a more leisurely lifestyle is showing up in our rested bones. Read more…


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Scientific American‘s Top 10 Science Stories of 2014. Scientific American

A deadly infection, a comet success, a climate-change breakthrough—these and other events highlight the year in science and technology as selected by SA‘s editors. Read more…

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Picture This: Christmas from space.  Science News for Students

Scientists sent radiometers into space and pointed them toward Earth. These instruments measure the intensity of light. In 2012, the research team released a set of “Earth at Night” maps. They had used data collected on nights with ideal conditions — evenings that were both moonless and cloud-free. Read more…


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Clouds may be dining cars for some germs. Science News for Students

Imagine snacking on sweets while wrapped in a cozy bubble. Now picture this happening while floating in a cloud. It sounds like a pleasant dream. But for some lucky bacteria, it also may be a reality. Read more…