Science within Your Reach – submitted by Alcandor Lui


Like the rest of the Internet, there are always an abundant amount of resources to sift through. The Ontario Science Centre is no better place to find science-focused resources that are bound to be educational for students. The great thing about these resources is that they touch on topics focused in the Ontario educational curriculum and are organized by grades making it super easy to locate the necessary resources for your students.

Curriculum Resources

The Science at Home Curriculum Resources offers various educational resources such as videos and instructional PDF documents for students to glance or create at home experiments for enriched hands-on learning. Created with Science North and the Ontario Ministry of Education, these resources are bound to enhance your students’ learning. Each video (usually 10-20 minutes in length), lesson, or experiment takes a glimpse of the three science subjects we’ve all grown to love. They all take various approaches focusing on topics in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The videos all have the subject, strand, topic, and expectations listed under it; creating an intuitive platform for educators to incorporate into their lesson plans. As of now, the Science at Home Curriculum Resources offers science material from grades 9-12 with material from K-8 coming in the near future.

(Image Credit: Ontario Science Centre)

Science at Home

The Science at Home page on the Ontario Science Centre website takes a dive into DIY experiments and science activities that students can try at home. We understand that science is highly integrated into our lives and what better way to better understand science than by doing it yourself to learn and have fun. The webpage is separated into five sections: Do It Yourself Science Fun, Facebook Live Events, Crochet Coral Reef, Summer Science, and Science at Home Resources. These five topics will keep your students learning and applying the learning to real-life scenarios they never would have imagined. With over 30 interactive activities, all the Do It Yourself Science Fun projects are family friendly and make learning for both students and parents a blast. With students staying in more frequently due to COVID-19, now is never a better time as an educator to share these resources with your students to apply their science knowledge.

(Image Credit: Ontario Science Centre)


With educators teaching remote more than ever, the Ontario Science Centre resources are amazing tools to make teaching easier and to provide hands-on learning for students. Why not take a check out the various DIY experiments and see what students can learn from them? We’re excited to see the future scientists come to life.

Alcandor is a member of the STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas Alcandor!!!!!!!!!!!!