Science Literacy Week

Two girls look at a tube while performing science

Science literacy week runs from September 21st to 27th across Canada, with the theme of biodiversity, and we here at STAO are excited to share some of the great events that are being put on across the country! No matter who we are, science touches us in one way or another and has a profound impact on our lives. To celebrate that impact and encourage participation in this event, we’ve rounded out some ways that you and your classrooms can participate in this week’s events. Enjoy!

General Information & Resource Collections:

Learn more about Science Literacy Week and ongoing events and contests at their website ( in English and in French), on Facebook ( in English and in French), or on twitter ( in English and in French). 

The University of British Columbia Library has put together a collection of biodiversity book lists for educators, films, events, fun activities, and other resources. Click here to access their research guide.


Toronto Public Library is hosting Understanding the Universe by astronomer Margaret Ikape on Tuesday, September 22 at 5pm. Click here to watch the live stream.

The Ottawa Public Library is hosting a selection of events for children:

Connecting to Nature – Backyards and Beyond, on Monday September 21, 2020 at 5 pm;

Idea Exchange, located in Cambridge, is hosting numerous events through their website, some of which come with activity kits that can be picked up in advance. Advance registration is required for some events. Click here for a full description of their events.

SCWIST is presenting a series of virtual events called Biodiversity myths debunked that will allow students to explore different animal myths and dive into the science behind it. Sessions will be held twice each day, from 9:30-10:30am and from 1-2pm and require access to a Zoom account. Click here for a full list of events.

SuperNova is presenting free one-hour Ocean Science-Based biodiversity workshops for students in grades 4-6. Click here for more information.

September 21 to 27 is jam-packed with Science Literacy Week events at Let’s Talk Science. Each day, their Outreach volunteers will read a story and lead a related hands-on activity to convey the excitement and influence of STEM in our everyday lives! Click here to access the full listing of events.

THEMUSEUM in Kitchener is hosting Biodiversity Programming with Rob Laidlaw, the author of the book Bats: Mysterious, Misunderstood, Essential. Learn about their diversity, habitats, lifestyles, adaptations and why bats are essential to the functioning of the natural world. The threats that wild bat populations face today will also be explained as well as what kids and adults are doing to protect them.

This event will be streamed live to their Facebook Page (

If you have suggestions for other resources that can be shared, please tweet them to us @staoapso or share them on our Facebook page ( We hope to hear from you, and we would love to see pictures of what you’ve been up to with your students!