Returning to Work COVID Concerns – CBC podcast – submitted by Dave Gervais

covid-19How Can I Safely Return to Work?

The host of CBC’s “The Dose” is Dr Brian Goldman. Recently he interviewed Dr. Lynora Saxinger an infectious disease specialist and associate professor of microbiology and immunology at University of Alberta. The topic was how to safely return to work in a pandemic. Podcast link

Highlights include:

· Some professions (teachers) appear to have the same risk level as workers in other social settings.

· Things that seem to be so simple (hand sanitizing, social distancing and wearing masks) in the end will be incredibly important.

· There is evidence to support that increasing air exchanges and fresh air entry is important.

· Increasing humidity, especially in the winter, is beneficial in reducing risk.

· Water fountains should be avoided and personal water bottles encouraged.

· Socializing in common areas in a workplace should be avoided.

· Bathroom based contact of less than 15 minutes is low risk

· Paper towels should be encouraged in washrooms.

For the complete discussion (30 minutes), head to the link above. It was an excellent interview and her answers were revealing.


Dave Gervais

STAO Safety Chair, OHS Specialist Certificate