Responding to Chemical Spills – by Flinn Scientific Canada


No matter what precautions are taken, sooner or later an accidental chemical spill is likely to occur in your laboratory. A
responsible science teacher will take steps to prevent spills, make sure proper safety equipment is available to contain and
control a spill, and understand how to use the safety equipment.

Spill Control Equipment

Each laboratory should have proper spill control equipment including fire blankets, spill control materials, and a mercury
spill control kit. A 100% wool fire blanket is an excellent spill control device because it will help contain and control a spill
and its vapors. If a spill occurs and no spill control materials are available, simply throw the fire blanket over the spill. The
blanket will begin to absorb the liquid, contain the vapors, and enable a person to walk over the spill without slipping.

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