Reproductive Systems Activity – submitted by Dave Gervais

egg, reproduction, chicken

Getting the sample: Chicken farmers generally slaughter their animals in the fall. A list of provincially licensed meat plants can be found on the Ministry of Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website. Most will provide teachers with sample organs from a wide variety of organ systems. STAO’s resource Safe ON Science states that as fresh animals are raised for human consumption, it is safe to study their organs. Precautions include using the organs as soon as possible, using gloves and wiping all surfaces that the organs came in contact with, with a disinfectant. Our safety resource Safe ON Science is available from the STAO store.

Curriculum Connection:

Grade 10 Tissues, Organs and Systems of Living Things

Gr 11 Biology: Genetics (oogenesis, meiosis)

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Cool Activity!  Thanks Dave.