Recording a Screen Cast – by Leila Knetsch, TDSB

We have a lot of interruptions during the school day, including having an assembly that makes you lose one class but not that other.  Recently I had that situation and was annoyed about that.  So I screencast (recorded a voice over while going through my powerpoint) two recordings.

I assigned the period 2 class to listen to the screencast at home and I taught the afternoon class as usual.  It could be used when you are absent – just have the supply teacher show the little video.
Here is my screencast about how to do a screencast.
As well as a screencast that I have actually done.
 I recorded what what on my screen with a voiceover but you can show your face or show what is happening on the computer screen and a small picture of you.
Thanks for sharing your ideas Leila! – STAO Blogster