PreMedSKL’s Medical B

Medical B
10 Mystery Medical Cases for students interested in a career in medicine. Scholarships awarded for top students.

Thinking about being a doctor, nurse or biomedical engineer? Do you want to learn how doctors make diagnoses? Want to be exposed to real-life clinical cases that are used to teach medical students?

If yes, you will definitely be interested in attending PreMedSKL’s Medical B!

The Medical B will be hosted by award-winning eye surgeon and Queen’s Professor, Dr. Sanjay Sharma on September 29th 8:00-9:00 pm EST over zoom and Kahoot. Dr. Sharma will be presenting 10 mystery cases that we will all solve together. Winners will be awarded scholarships to PreMedSKL – a super-curriculum created for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

To register for this event, please sign up here.