Pics Of Wavy Crinkle Crankle Garden Walls

15 Pics Of Wavy Crinkle Crankle Garden Walls That Take Fewer Bricks To Build Than Straight Ones

Submitted by Michael Frankfort, Co-Chair of STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee

Britain’s known for many charming things. Afternoon tea with scones (do you put the clotted cream or jam on first?). Mysterious and romantic walks in parks and gardens. Wavy walls. Wait, wavy walls? Wavy walls!

Popularized in the United Kingdom, wavy walls were since then exported elsewhere, including into the United States. So-called crinkle crankle garden walls (don’t you just love that name?) are very economical—they end up using fewer bricks than straight walls. Your first reaction was probably just like ours, dear Pandas: that doesn’t make any sense! Well, wavy walls end up using fewer bricks because they can be one brick thin. Straight walls would topple over if you made them one brick wide. Meanwhile, all the curves in the wall give it stability.

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