NASCAR Kids – Free Racing-Themed Resources

Submitted by Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76

National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) shared FREE Racing-Themed Resources which include Science Lessons, Track Guide, Videos, and More! Fueled by NASCAR Kids.

Theses resources can be found at the NSTA NASCAR Kids website.

Experience the importance of STEM through the sport of racing!

Immerse K-8 students in real-life applications of STEM—and teach key science concepts at the same time—with lessons about a sport that many students enjoy. Check out these fun and engaging NASCAR-themed lessons and resources, free of charge to educators nationwide!


  • How can we create new things with trash?
  • How do things make sound?
  • Why is metal used to build race cars?
  • Why is plastic used to build race cars?
  • Why is rubber used to build race cars?
  • What materials are used to make NASCAR Race Car parts?
  • Where does the energy come from?
  • Why do NASCAR drivers need to reach fast? Part 1: Sight / Part 2: Sound
  • How does the air in tires support a 3300-pound race car?
  • How do we evaluate if a fuel is better for the environment?
  • How can people protect their ears at Bristol Motor Speedway?
  • How can clothing protect us from burns?
  • Where do NASCAR tires come from, and what happens to them after the race?
  • Why are NASCAR crashes so dangerous?
  • How can race car bumpers store energy?
  • How can air make a race car faster?
  • How do NASCAR race car tires take the heat? Part 1: Physical Changes / Part 2: Thermal Energy
  • How do roof flaps make a race car safer?
  • How does air temperature affect race car tires?
  • How does air affect the motion of a NASCAR Race Car?
  • How does being close to the ground help a NASCAR Race Car?
  • How do NASCAR Race Cars come to a stop after moving at speeds over 200 mph?

There are more resources available through the NASCAR Kids website.