This project started with a Bungee Barbie activity (this one was developed by Stephanie Minor, DSBN and translated into French by me). This activity was great, as it helped students develop skills in making predictions and measuring results of trials and making modifications based on those trials.

In the Fall, students participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline clean-up as an Action to help our area watershed. They tested water samples using probes – placemat activity posted in the learning lab in French (pH, temperature, trubidity, salinity) from water samples that were collected from their trips in the summer (staff and students were asked in June of last year to collect and bring in water samples from their trips). Students located the sources of water on a class map and researched the area where the water was collected. They then analyzed their research and water sample test results to determine whether or not they would drink the water. Students then monitored their water consumption for one week and calculated their daily average. They then set a goal to reduce their water consumption and measured their consumption for the next week. Finally, they measured the difference between both weeks and calculated how much water they conserved. They reflected on the process and thought about ways to sustain this change.

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This resource is part of STAO’s Connex Inquiry Series.