Let’s Play Tetris…On A Building!!!

Submitted by Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76

Hackers turn MIT building into giant Tetris game

When the brainiacs at MIT get bored, they light up the place by turning the tallest building on campus into an iconic video game.

Christopher MacManus – April 24, 2012 10:44 a.m. PT

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Hackers overrode the tallest building in Cambridge, Mass., last week, turning the 21-story Green Building at MIT into a giant Tetris puzzle game controllable from a nearby joystick attached to a podium.

The successful attempt comes after a glitch-filled try to run Tetris on the same building in September of last year. Hackers used 153 wirelessly controlled color-changing LED lights for the giant game on a building that hosts MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science facilities.

The MIT-hosted Hack Gallery notes, “MIT hackers have long considered ‘Tetris on the Green Building’ to be the Holy Grail of hacks, as the side of the building is a wonderful grid for the game.”

Players could control the prodigious puzzler with the ability to rotate, drop, and move blocks just like the real thing.

In a sweet twist, after beating the first level, the second level used harder-to-identify pale colors in the blocks, and the third level featured color-shifting tiles that appeared quite disorienting.

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