Lesson Resource on Nobel chemistry for developing CRISPR gene editing tool – written by Sathurthika Selvanayagam and Leila Knetsch

Nobel recipients microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier and biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna

The brainstorm for this excellent lesson resource was Leila’s plan to show more women in STEM and what better way to do that but for her Biology students to read about the Nobel prize for CRISPR and the two female scientists that discovered it. Her student, Sathurthika Selvanayagam, developed the follow up questions that make the enclosed CBC article a ready to use classroom resource!

A student version and teacher version (with answer key), both created by Sathurthika, are provided below.

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

Teacher Version CRISPR Nobel prize Doudna & Charpentier Cas 9

Student Version CRISPR Nobel prize article article