Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) Conference – submitted by Ralph Chou and Amy Gorecki

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This conference will be a first of its kind – a truly NATIONAL conference bringing experts from across Canada to tackle issues of:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy; and
  • Social Emotional Learning for Students with Specific Learning Disorders

We determined that the best course of action we could take would be to invite teachers from across Canada to learn from the leading experts and researchers in these fields. And that’s what we’ve done!


Here’s the link to our conference


Now – we love to educate people on what’s being researched and found works in education for those with LD all over with the hopes that they can learn something and grow in their teaching and professional experience as a result.

A bunch of people have asked me about what’s happening with the association and our recent “silence”. I know there are others who care deeply about making Canada a better place for kids with LD that would love to make more of a difference. Teachers especially care but think that if they understood what’s been working for others and had the training to help them maximize their success, they too could make a real difference in these troubling times.

Well, we just created our biggest public-facing resource to date. It’s the LDAC 2021 National Conference called “Closing the COVID Gap” AND it is set for May 28th!


We’re reaching out to you now because of your past gracious support. To put on an event like this is SO NEEDED yet there are costs involved in putting a good national conference. There are two ways you can help us with this project:

With a donation of a minimum of $50, you will be entitled for:
1- A Tax Receipt (starting at 15%)
2- Transcripts

With a donation of a minimum of $75, you will receive:
1- Tax Receipt (starting at 15%)
2- Transcripts
3- Recordings of the sessions

You have the opportunity to make the biggest impact now by getting the right professional development in the hands of Canadian teachers.

Here again is the link to our conference

By the way, if you are very interested in getting a snapshot of what’s being showcased on the programme, take a moment to visit our conference site.

Mark Buzan

Executive Director

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

2-851 Industrial Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario    K1G 4L3