Know Brainers – Overcoming Fear!

Submitted by Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76

Know Brainers – Overcoming fear – Monsters! Deadly heights! Basic swimming!

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Monica from Know Brainers has been afraid of one thing their entire life – swimming, or more specifically, drowning. Go figure, turns out Monica enjoys being able to breathe. In this episode, Monica tries to get to the bottom of fear and figure out how to beat it. Do we fight it? Ignore it? Lean into it? Alter the memories that caused the fear in the first place? Is completely overcoming fear even possible? To find out, Monica talks to actual fear experts, Margee Kerr and Sheena Josselyn, go to Casa Loma’s Legends Of Horror haunted house, dangle above Toronto on the CN Tower EdgeWalk, and finally, take a terrifying plunge into a children’s pool to confront Monica’s greatest enemy – water (or more accurately, myself). Tears, nervous laughs, and awkward silences await!

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Edge WalkHaunted HouseMargee’s BookSheena’s Neurobiology LabDavina’s Swim House

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