It’s Okay to be an Okay Teacher in 2020 – submitted by Brad Dixon

teacher thinking

This year I feel like every time I turn around there is a new social media post or email from my favourite teaching organization or vendor, introducing or highlighting a new innovative or creative COVID-19 friendly teaching practice. It is great that so many people are reaching out and sharing ideas to help advance us all as a profession.

In any other year, I have enjoyed scrolling through social media to see this sharing. I have utilized many good ideas and resources from those who share. I have always been thankful for those who take the time to share their ideas freely online, and sometimes I even try to contribute my own ideas. However, this year I am finding that seeing this sharing is more stressful than helpful. After some self-reflection I came to the conclusion that I only have the time, energy, and mental capacity to be an okay teacher this year. I also decided that I’m okay with that.

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Thanks for sharing Brad!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes for a good Christmas break and much better new year.