Islamic contributions to Science & Technology

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Science

By: Arooj Arslan and Salma Nakhuda

With the advancements in Science & Technology, we need to acknowledge and credit the long chain of scientists, engineers, and inventors who spent their lives in exploration leading up to these advancements. 

To highlight some of the contributions made by the Muslim Civilization in the middle ages, we have created a series of engaging lessons to introduce K-12 students to some of the significant contributions made by Muslim scientists and inventors in the fields of engineering, physics, astronomy, and mathematics. 

These 3 part lessons have engaging minds-on activities that will enable the students to understand the Muslim contributions in the fields of science, followed by curriculum-connected, hands-on activities that will encourage students to use their creative thinking and the design thinking skills. The lessons will encourage students to think deeper about the design process and how the contributions of the past affect our present and future.  

5 Lesson plans in this series:

Recommended Grade(s): Grade 4

Recommended Grade(s): Grade 3, Grade 5 or Grade 7

Recommended Grade(s): Grade 2 (must be adapted) or Grade 6

Recommended Grade(s): Gr 4, Gr 10 (Chemistry & Optics)

Recommended Grade(s): Gr 6, 2/3, 9