Interactive Vaccine Article – submitted by Leila Knetsch


This is an amazing, interactive article that connects well to Grade 11U Biology (bacteria and viruses) as well as Grade 12U Biology (Molecular Genetics).  Of course this would be great for any grade as it is very up to date information.  There are pictures and very very short videos of the inside of the Moderna vaccine facilities.  While I am sure that everyone is tired of reading about COVID, this article offers something different – very current information that relates very closely to our curriculum with simple, excellent diagrams of genetically modified plasmids, bacterial transformation and much more.  This is an excellent sneak peek into an actual vaccine production facility (actually 3 different facilities – one to create many DNA templates, another to create the mRNA transcript and finally to create the final product with lipids that surround and protect the RNA.  It is written in a way that someone without a lot of background can understand it and those who do with get so much more out of it.

Link to article 

Thanks Leila!