‘Hovering ship’ photographed off U.K. coast in rare optical illusion – submitted by Kris Lee

hovering ship - an optical illusion


Unusual footage from the U.K. has many scratching their heads over a rare optical illusion — one you might call a hovering tanker, a ghost ship or whatever floats your boat.

Pedestrian David Morris spotted a large tanker seemingly hovering high above the ocean from a beach in Cornwall recently, U.K. media report.

The massive ship appeared to be suspended in mid-air, with a large chunk of blue sky visible between the bottom of its hull and the surface of the water.

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Morris was “stunned” by the sight and captured a photograph because he couldn’t believe his eyes, BBC News reports.

He had good reason not to trust his eyes, as experts say the ship appeared to “fly” because of an optical illusion called a “superior mirage.”

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