Guelph on Mars – submitted by Joanne O’Meara, University of Guelph

guelph on Mars

The Guelph Physics live stream series continues Thursday Feb 18th with the Martian Rover landing.

Join us and witness planetary exploration history as we cover the landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars. Joining us is Guelph Physics faculty and instrument lead scientist on the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers, Dr. Ralf Gellert.

We will be doing two streams on the 18th. At 3:00 pm EST we will be live covering the Perseverance Rover landing which is scheduled for 3:30 pm. The first images from the rover won’t be reaching Earth until a few hours later so we will reconvene for a second stream at 7pm EST.

As always, we will have a live Q&A where we answer your questions about this and previous Martian missions, space exploration, space science, and most importantly the role of Guelph on Mars!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to chat with one of Canada’s lead planetary exploration scientists.


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