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Submitted by Michael Frankfort, Co-Chair of STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee


Green Festivals

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Do you want to make your event more sustainable but aren’t sure where to begin?

Or have you already begun your journey to a greener festival and now need more creative suggestions that will further reduce your impact on our environment?

Use the Greening Topics checklists for step by step suggestions to help you as a festival organizer!

This project was made possible by funds from the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

A grant from the Ministry of the Environment was awarded to Dr. Rachel Dodds at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, who works to help tourism become more sustainable. Rachel has extensive expertise in sustainable tourism and has done waste audits at various festivals as well as developed sustainability strategies and provided advice to all sectors of the tourism industry, including events on how to become greener.

The objective of the Project was to encourage festival organizers to adopt best management practices to adaptively manage environmental impacts as well as educate vendors and participants about how they can contribute to environmental sustainability.

Click here for more information about sustainable tourism or the Ted Rogers Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Research.

This website was developed by Dr. Rachel Dodds and Laura Klein.

Some of the content of this website came from a guide developed by Rachel Dodds and Sonya Graci for the Icarus Foundation: Green Festivals and Events Guide: A How To…