Forests Ontario – Teacher Toolkit (Updated)

Submitted by Samantha Hendricks & Michael Frankfort (@mfrank_76)

Forests are for any subject! Whether you are teaching history, math, music, science or even physical education, forests can help you meet curriculum objectives and engage students in impactful, place-based learning for all grades!

Forests Ontario is pleased to support formal and informal educators in bringing forest education into their teaching practice through the development and delivery of interdisciplinary programs, and a database of more than 100 free, curriculum-linked resources that are grounded in real-world experiences. Forests Ontario’s educational resources and programs empower youth to understand natural ecosystems and develop the skills and knowledge required to become future environmental stewards.

This updated resource is intended to assist educators in grades 4 through 8, in bringing forest concepts and resources into their teaching practice. Each section provides an overview of a forest concept and links to related Forests Ontario resources as accompaniments to the subjects.

Please click HERE for access to the Forests Ontario Updated Teacher Toolkit!