Engineer In Residence

Blog Submitted by Michael Frankfort, Co-Chair of STAO Elementary Curriculum Committee

What is it?

An innovative, volunteer-based program dedicated to inspiring young people in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • The Engineer-in-Residence program is an experiential learning opportunity for K-12 students across Canada.
  • Classroom teacher gets connected with a local engineer for the school year to create custom STEM activities and lessons to support the curriculum.
  • The engineer mentor visits their EIR class MONTHLY to do presentations, activities, and share their personal engineering stories! Programming is customized for each class.

Next steps

  1. Apply online before May 31st.
  2. Meet your engineer! Intro emails are sent out BEFORE the end of June connecting each teacher with their engineer. (If we cannot match you with a class/volunteer that is geographically nearby, you will be matched for virtual visits).
  3. Engineers attend live training modules (4 sessions, one per week throughout July).
  4. Educators & volunteers meet to create a plan for visits. Teachers – it’s ideal if you can involve your engineer in the planning process!
  5. Program Kick’s off in September! Everyone’s invited to a live (virtual) Kick-off event in the fall!
  6. EIR classroom visits can start as early as September and continue monthly for the duration of the school year.
  7. Keep us in the loop! We’re here to help. Don’t forget to tag us (@EIRProgram) and share photos. We love to see EIRs in action!