Elastic Energy and Wave Motion








Would you like two great experiments for teaching the Elastic Energy section of grade 12 physics (SPH4U) and the Waves unit of grade 11 physics (SPH3U)?

Computer technology (web camera, video analysis software) used in both the experiments enhances the level of learning for the students. Students are able to visualize the simple harmonic motion as a sine wave and derive the time period, spring constant, etc.

The grade 12 experiment allows your students to find the spring constant of the spring and prove the conservation of energy principle.

Link to printer-ready lab sheets …


Anjuli Ahooja has a PhD in Physics and over 19 years combined experience in research, e-learning, teaching, publishing, faculty supervision, academic administration, and curriculum writing, at University, College and High School level. She is currently the AP Physics teacher at Appleby College, and elite Independent School in Oakville, Ontario. Anjuli has been a member of the STAO Secondary Curriculum Committee and a Board Member for Science on Stage, Canada. She is also a member of the team of twenty European teachers developing new STEM teaching materials for ICT with SAP Labs Germany and Science on Stage, Germany. In 2010, at a TEDx conference, Anjuli gave a presentation on, “What makes a 21st Century Teacher.” In the past, she has also supervised the FIRST Robotics competitionat her school. Anjuli is also a unit author for a grade 11 textbook. If you have any questions about this activity, please email her at anjuli@ahooja.com.