Digging into Science: Let’s Talk Worms


By Jessica Miron.

Digging into Science: Let’s Talk Worms is comprised of a series of activities that invite grade 1 students to investigate the needs and characteristics of worms through research and hands-on science exploration. Research for the investigations incorporates various resources and tools such as the SMART board and SMART exchange activities, books (The Diary of a Worm and It Could Still be a Worm), curriculum resources (i.e., Science and Technology Curriculum Grade 1-8 and Smarter Science Framework) and online resources (such as Let’s Talk Science, Scholastic’s Bookflix and research papers) to provide students with a broader view of the science that goes into the hands-on activities. As part of the hands-on investigations, students learn some established safety procedures and proper handling of live worms while examining them in various environments. Click on the following link for a printer-ready version of the activity.


Digging into Science Let’s Talk Worms